Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies…and a commentary on “clean eating”

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I got a new cookbook (which I do a lot) last week–it’s called Sweet Laurel, and all of the recipes in it are grain-free and dairy-free. The author (Laurel) started baking this way after she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, was told she could never eat cake again, and decided that she would! Something I think is really great about her cookbook–and something that you don’t see a lot in ‘special diet’ recipes–is that she never claims that her recipes are “guilt-free,” “clean,” or “sinless.” She just calls them good! Regardless whether a cookie is made with almond flour or white flour, no cookie is either clean or dirty, sinful or sinless. It’s just a cookie! Something I’ve learned through the past few years is that food is just food, and what you eat doesn’t make you a good or bad person.
So I’m not sharing these cookies because they are low-carb, whole-food-based, or any other health-food moniker. I’m sharing these cookies because they are unique and truly delicious and worthy of being sold by the Cookie Angel! They are gluten free because of the almond flour, but they are not dairy free because I subbed out the coconut oil the recipe called for with butter. And of course, they are filled with the flavor every chocolate chip cookie needs: vanilla and chocolate! The almond flour adds a wonderful texture and saltiness that I found wonderfully unique and very addicting.
Almond flour chocolate chip cookies are only here through July 31st, so email to buy some today!


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The kitchen is my happy place–no matter what mood I am in, whipping up a batch of cookies or a cake always makes me feel good. And I’ve always thought that the best part about baking is sharing what you create!