My Final Cookie Special

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Well, here we are, friends! This is my last monthly special. I’ll still take orders through June and July, but starting in August, the Cookie Angel will be going away for a little while (unless you want cookies made in a communal dorm kitchen and shipped from North Carolina).
I started The Cookie Angel in November of my sophomore year when I decided not to play basketball and needed something else to fill my time. Since then, it’s amazing how much has happened. I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth of cookies to you fine people :), I judged a cookie contest, I applied to fifteen colleges, and I’ve gotten to know many of you so much better through this little baking endeavor and I’ll be forever grateful.
Don’t think the Cookie Angel is going away forever! I’ll bake for anyone who’d like when I’m back in Dallas over holidays and summers, and fully intend on opening a bakery when I retire, so watch out for that in a a good forty or fifty years! Meanwhile, shoot me a text or email if you are ever near Chapel Hill! It’s truly been an honor to bake for you.
P.S. I will be wearing a white hat at Commencement if you didn’t notice. 🙂
Buttercream-stuffed sprinkle cookies are only available until May 31, so email to buy some today!


Hello Friend! Welcome to my cookie business!

I sell my homemade cookies by the dozen and by the platter…they are great for parties, get-togethers, or if you just want something sweet to make your day a little bit happier. 🙂 Check out my Products tab to see what kind of cookies I’m offering, and then visit the Contact tab to place your order! I’m looking forward to baking for you!


The kitchen is my happy place–no matter what mood I am in, whipping up a batch of cookies or a cake always makes me feel good. And I’ve always thought that the best part about baking is sharing what you create!