Happy Holidays!

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The Grinch is my favorite Christmas movie ever. Not the live action one with Jim Carrey because I think that one is creepy, and not the new one with Benedict Cumberbatch (although that one was pretty cute, I highly recommend it!) but the original made-for-TV one. I have the entire thing memorized, and I’m not even kidding.
The Grinch captures the true Christmas spirit for me–that final scene when the Whos are singing around that glowing star makes my heart grow three sizes! Christmas (and holidays in general) is about togetherness and love and warmth, and the Grinch always reminds me of that.
But Christmas (and holidays in general) is also about cookies! These peppermint mocha cookies, specifically, packed with peppermint and coffee and chocolate (cocoa powder AND white chocolate chips). I feel like the Grinch would have eaten these before he returned everything to the Whos!
Peppermint mocha cookies are only available until December 31, so email yourcookieangel@gmail.com to buy some today!


Hello Friend! Welcome to my cookie business!

I sell my homemade cookies by the dozen and by the platter…they are great for parties, get-togethers, or if you just want something sweet to make your day a little bit happier. 🙂 Check out my Products tab to see what kind of cookies I’m offering, and then visit the Contact tab to place your order! I’m looking forward to baking for you!


The kitchen is my happy place–no matter what mood I am in, whipping up a batch of cookies or a cake always makes me feel good. And I’ve always thought that the best part about baking is sharing what you create!